Frequently Asked Questions

How are your services different than other 360° tour providers?

One big difference is that we don’t have any fees for services like hosting and technical support.  The price of hosting is included in the tour.  We’ll continue to host your tour as long as we’re in business at no extra cost to you. 

I already have 360° photos.  Can you use those to build a tour?

Absolutely!  We can use your 360° photos to create a custom tour.

Is there a file size limit for the 360° tours?

Nope!  We can host large tours, small tours, and everything in between.  And, we don’t charge extra for hosting those larger tours.  

How do you calculate pricing?

Pricing for individual tours is based on square footage of the space being photographed.  Then, we factor in extras like music, video, and audio.  Packages are also available for annual service that includes product updates and documenting seasonal weather changes.

What if I purchase a tour with embedded links and those links change?

No problem!  Send us an email outlining the changes and we’ll update your tour at no additional cost.  

Got any other questions?

Please, reach out and ask. We'd be happy to answer.